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About ElJash

El Jash Company was established in Dubai in 2016 and registered as a local Emirati brand with international quality and standards.
Where the idea arose among a group of creative people who were eager to do their best in the world of fragrances and launched “El Jash Perfumes”.

Our brand is characterized by the purity and the quality of its raw materials, as our team selects these components with high accuracy and care by adhering to the highest quality standards.

The company started, in different locations in Dubai, then it was launched and expanded in the other Emirates .

Message from the CEO:

I always come across the experience of the beginnings and the challenges I faced in installing and creating a new and distinctive mix of fragrances , as I started from scratch and with a modest budget.

The first experience at that time led me to discover my abilities in the production of home incense, and then I started to learn more and sail more and more in the world of perfumes.

Experience is not enough without refining it with knowledge and science, so I participated in many courses and I got a certified certificates in the manufacture of perfumes by a group of qualified experts in the composition of perfumes.
With the support of the Dubai Economic Department, El Jash perfumes launched into the world of beautiful scents in 2016.

I started by designing a beautiful perfume that carries a floral scent with oudh (Perfume of As’somow). I was happy with the positive reactions and the motivation I received that leads me to continue and progress in this field.

And then I started creating perfumes for different group styles…


Message & Values

Who are We?

ElJash's 100 products include a special collection of perfumes, Bakhour & Dokhoun and sprays, in addition to Occasion distributions and gifts.
From the designs of perfumes, we focused on the principle of difference and sophistication, and that each perfume has its special print.

Principles and Values

At ElJash Perfumes, we believe that the basis of a successful business is to achieve the satisfaction of our customers by providing what suits their tastes with the highest standards. That is why we made sure to have a high qualified, specialized team that is distinguished by its honesty and passion for perfumes…

Our Message

With this work, we seek to present the Arabic spirit fragrances with the scent of Emirati originality, to leave a distinctive mark in the world of perfumes, to express our identity and go forward to the world.
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